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Urological Surgeon

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Green Light Laser SAN Symposium 2014

Dr Thomas Dean with the faculty of the recent symposium at the Sydney Adventist Hospital
with the faculty of the recent symposium at the Sydney Adventist Hospital

On July 21-22 I was a member of the expert faculty for the 7th Asia Pacific greenlight laser prostatectomy symposium which was held at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. I presented on the physics of laser tissue interaction, the fibre handling technique to achieve efficient laser vaporisation, and tips and tricks for surgeons who are just starting to learn the procedure.

On the first morning there was an opportunity for the delegates to practise with the laser on a model using raw meat as a substitute for the prostate and also to use the greenlight laser simulator. A total of four cases underwent greenlight surgery which was transmitted live to the delegates in the lecture theatre. Interaction between the audience and the operating surgeon was possible throughout the procedure.

The highlight was the visit by Fernando Gomez Sancha from Madrid. Dr Gomes Sancha who is acknowledged as one of the worlds experts in greenlight laser surgery performed both vaporisation of the prostate and the newer technique of greenlight laser enucleation of the prostate in a patient with a very large prostate. It was truly a masterful exhibition.

Dr Thomas Dean with Dr Fernando Gomes Sancha
With Dr Fernando Gomes Sancha - Clinica Cemtra