Dr Thomas Dean

Retired Urological Surgeon

About Dr Thomas Dean


Dr Dean is a specialist urologist who graduated from the University of NSW and completed two years of internship at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. From the start he was always keen to pursue a career in surgery. After spending two years in surgical training in New Zealand, he then travelled to the UK to continue training in general and plastic surgery at the Royal Aberdeen Hospital, the London Hospital, Whitechapel and in the professorial unit at Guy’s Hospital. He commenced urology training in Brighton in 1986 before returning to Australia in 1988. In 1991 he completed his Australian Urology Fellowship and commenced practice on Sydney’s north shore.

His medical interests include prostate cancer, in particular the highly controversial issue of the role of early diagnosis. He has a particular interest in minimally invasive treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia, especially with green light laser prostatectomy. The Sydney Adventist Hospital was one of the first hospitals to introduce this technology and Dr Dean has actively participated in the running of regular educational symposia on the green light procedure.
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He attends the Sydney Adventist Hospital, where he was a long term member of the Medical Advisory Committee, and formerly Head of the Urology Department. His consulting rooms are only at the SAN Clinic, adjacent to the Sydney Adventist Hospital. He has always been very active in hospital affairs, particularly as a member of the Medical Advisory Committee, which is responsible for accreditation and re-accreditation of medical officers, as well as many other administrative issues. He was instrumental in the setting up of a urology outpatient clinic, which has an important role in serving the needs of patients once they have been discharged. He has always been interested in education of nurses, and medical undergraduates and postgraduates.

He is a full member of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand and regularly attends the scientific meetings of the society in Australia and New Zealand, as well as international meetings including the prestigious American Urological Association Meeting which is held annually at various locations in the USA.
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Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons - Edinburgh
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Prostate Cancer Foundation