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Visit to Hospital Claude Huriez in Lille, France

With Professor Arnauld Villers - Hospital Caude Huriez

In August ot this year I had the opportunity to visit Arnauld Villers who is the professor in urology at the Hospital Claude Huriez in Lille in northern France. He and the radiologists at the hospital, including Philippe Puech have been pioneers in the development of modern multiparametric prostate MRI. In fact as early as 2006, many years before most other hospitals had started using MRI, they published the results of a study comparing the location of tumours on radical prostatectomy specimens to the findings of preoperative MRI. They found that the MRI accurately predicted the grade and location of tumours in 95% of cases.

During my stay I was able to discuss in detail the latest developments in prostate MRI and spend time learning more about reporting MRIs with another radiologist, Professor Lemaitre. It was instructive to hear that in Lille they don't believe that the 3T MRI system confers a major benefit over 1.5T for prostate imaging.

I was only in Lille to visit the hospital but would highly recommend a visit. It is a lovely old town with great charm, a very efficient tram system, wonderful shopping and an abundance of good restaurants. It is one hour from Paris on the TGV.